If You Need To Save On Water In The Garden

At the time I write this June is closing. We have plenty of moisture in the ground this year, but that is not always the case. Especially as the summer marches on, drought becomes a real possibility. A¬†few water saving tips can make a difference in how your plants weather the heat and dry times … Continue reading “If You Need To Save On Water In The Garden”

Garden Update And Late Starts

Every year I promise I won’t go AWOL during the main growing season of the garden. Just so I will get everything done and catch up with the past year’s neglect. but every year I manage to break those unspoken, informal vows. Usually family related, but sometime through the call of far off places I … Continue reading “Garden Update And Late Starts”

Cottage Garden Revival

Cottage Garden Revival Cottage gardens as we know them today are a direct product of late Edwardian writers, although the style itself is much older. Old Fashioned In The Nineteenth Century During the time of Queen Victoria there was an explosion of exotic plants introduced into English gardens. The Victorians, being addicted to collecting and … Continue reading “Cottage Garden Revival”