I am finally posting here for the first time and find myself suffering from writer’s block! My name is ‘Handyman’, and my wife and I live in a 100+ year old farm house. I often say I live in a project, because after 21 years of being here, the projects are never ending. I had some basic remodeling experience before moving here, but since that time have learned a great deal thru reading, talking, and mostly hands-on experience (lots of trial/error), and now consider myself somewhat of a pro. Many of the improvements have had to be customized, since so little was based on generally accepted standard construction practices.

So, here I am, finally on board and ready to periodically offer my thoughts, opinions, advice, etc., for whatever it is worth.

Trials of the Handyman’s Wife

Actually nothing so dire, more like the conundrums, but then you wouldn’t have come to read…would you? Conundrum doesn’t have that salacious sound to it;)

Anyway, here is my problem. I love my hard working husband, and I feel compassion for how much he has put into the house this year- literal blood, sweat, and tears. Well, “inside” tears, (you know). Here is how it lines up: in working so hard to put together a mother in law suite that my mother, along with backing from my sister, summarily dismissed as not “making her happy”. A story I do not wish to go into… the rest of our house had to go neglected. I now have some drywall in the bathroom that has bubbled out and gotten gross. I don’t want it to stay that way, but I hesitate to put any kind of demand on the resident Handyman, aka “my husband”. He really deserves a rest …some time off, but I’m afraid if I don’t strike while the iron is hot- get him to work on it before Christmas…I’m afraid it won’t get done until,I don’t know, maybe not for a year, maybe more.

It is one of those little nuisance jobs. Resulting from the unwise decision on our part to skimp on the ceramic wall tiles next to the bath. It is just a single tile wide section that faces the wall division from the toilet. But somehow wetness, either from the condensation of the toilet or the now obsene number of hot steamy baths that 7-8 people take daily, or the new chores redistribution that put less capable newbie workers in charge of cleaning the bathroom…or all of the above, have caused. Anyway, first the baseboard tile loosened and wasn’t replaced, and then next, the wetness seeped into the drywall. Wouldn’t have happened had we tiled all the way up to meet with the rest of the wall tile surrounding the bathroom walls. Or maybe not. It was likely a break in the sealant beteen the baseboard tile and the flooring that created entry for the wetness. Whatever the cause we have a gross looking problem. Remember that “stitch in time saves nine” maxim? that works here. but none of us sews enough to remember and apply.

Being the wife, and it being our only bathroom in the house proper… I would like it fixed. That being the case I will probably ask him to do it, feel horribly guilty, but being unable to stand that bubbling eccrescent(my own word, I think) drywall…more accurately moistlyrottingwall.

Maybe this will end up being better titled,”The trials of the Handyman”.

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