Total Tearout Defined

When the Handyman says “total tearout” he isn’t kidding. On both the Bathroom, which was formerly a pantry for bread dough proofing (yes, figure that one out) the end of the room was open to the stars… and in this kitchen renovation the entire back wall was open to the outside for sometime. Just so you know;)

Oh, this old house thing is just so much fun. I won’t describe how we managed without a bathroom with five kids and two adults… but use your imagination when I say we cobbled together our version of an outhouse. fun, fun, fun.

The temporary kitchen was easier, we used a back room and set it up with a microwave and then did dishes in the bathtub. I don’t recommend it, but it did work. somehow though I am not laughing about those days in hindsight, they were hard and not alot of laughs. I have always been grateful for the outcomes, however. That is the saving grace in all this. We have ended up with living spaces that are quite improved. I like them anyway:)

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Kitchen Saga: Appliances

Our project that we are most happy with has always been the Kitchen remodeling. One way we managed the financial budgeting of that rather expensive undertaking was to retain the old appliances for as long as possible. Well. The time has arrived when we must purchase a new refrigerator, the stove came due two years ago- so this is the last big replacement ( knock on wood ) for awhile. We don’t buy new unless the old has totally run its course- seriously flawed in its operation.

The stove was an easy choice. The first new one I had ever bought was a Jenn Air brand and I was very happy with that. I loved the indoor grilling (before the time of George Foreman’s popular item), so we simply went with the updated version of the stove I originally had. The refrigerator is not going to be as easy a choice. For one thing they have changed the design quite a bit, I am not sure whether to get a side by side or to choose the French door type. We have looked at Home Depot and Lowes mainly. The last fridge we bought had been from Sears, I think. One thing I don’t like is the flimsy plastic that is found on some of the median priced ones, my family needs Fisher Price-toy strong plastics. You have to check little things like the strainer for the in door ice and water server, or the compartments inside the appliance. Of the different brands, LD , GE, and Kitchen Aid are my favorites. We are thinking about a GE Adora ( made for Home Depot).

I am always happiest after the purchasing is over. Refrigerators aren’t sexy. At least not the ones I buy.

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Do I really want to start another major project?

Actually, yes, I would like just one more for sure: the front porch. This old farmhouse has gone through numerous “updates” and exterior architectural changes over its lifetime, but the present porch was just a slapped up silly job after they removed the porch that wrapped around the corner. They reused some of the former porch supports, etc, but put them together in the most nonsensical way.

The above picture is nothing like the actual style of my house, but the porch is representative of what I want: a pedimented simple, but sturdy porch. The pillars would necessarily be more of a farmhouse type and not as numerous, but I like the fact that they have presence. I hate skimpy porch pillars- it just ruins the visual proportions.

Although one of the first jobs here was to shore up that old porch- it has always looked rather ramshackle. It is the only thing I am truly dissatisfied with enough to want to have just one more remodeling job.

I’ve looked at a lot of homes and styles of porches that would be in harmony with the house- I think it would make the house look more than commensurately better- I think it would make a world of difference. But Handyman has been overworked and I am not eager for any new projects, so we will see. Still, that is one desire really percolating in my thinking.

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