Coming out of hibernation

Yes, I am still alive. I realize I haven’t written anything since my last post (on emergency generators) on 10/19/08…over 5 months ago. But, I live in Ohio!!!, and I am just now coming out of the doldrums that an Ohio winter brings. BTW, did you know that Ohio ranks #38 on the list of the “most free” states? So if you don’t live in Ohio, and cherish freedom, there are 37 states that offer you more freedom/liberty than Ohio.

Anyway, with spring approaching and my wife encroaching on my freedom to continue hibernating/procrastinating, I am psyching myself up to get busy on some projects:

1. Buy & install a new Bosch dishwasher to replace the Kitchen Aid unit we now have. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am extremely unhappy with Kitchen Aid dishwashers. (I accomplished this a couple weeks ago, and will detail it in my next post).

2. I purchased a 6’x10′ greenhouse (disassembled) from Costco. I am looking forward to erecting/assembling this in next week or two, weather permitting. I will detail this experience with you when completed.

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