Looking for the Best Rainfall Showerhead

When vacationing in Florida, my daughters family and mine rented a high-end beach home. Rarely do we do that- usually my choice is a simple no-frills condo close to the beach. But this time was different and I was introduced to the luxury of a rainfall shower head.

I decided I wanted one, and now is the time to fulfill that desire.

There are plenty of them available, but my experience with poorly working shower heads that get clogged or deliver a poor excuse of a stream has me “gun shy”.

Looking over reviews has me considering this one:

Moen Premium Shower Head

In comes in beautiful color choices, seen here.

What I like about the Moen S6320 Velocity rainshower:

  • Has both a high pressure and a gentle rainfall mode
  • Several color choices, and very highly rated by many sources
  • A lifetime guarantee

The drawback for me are that I might want a larger shower head surface, 8 inches is moderate for this type of design.

Also, since the one I experienced in Florida was mounted from the ceiling and this one is mounted on the wall ( which I am restricted to due to plumbing considerations), the other brands which feature an adjustable arm might be the better choice.

But the bottom line for a plumbing fixture like this is water delivery. I wouldn’t trade looks, adjustable arms or any other asset with good water delivery.

Other Contenders

Top contender right now ( I am seriously considering this one), is a new  company product by Artbath.

Reasons to like it:

  • Great raters by buyers
  • Very stylish and comes with the arm
  • Good water delivery stream reported by users
  • Large 12″ head

Next in Line

I find that a handheld is necessary: reaching to clean and rinse the bath and filling mop buckets. some of the rain-style shower heads are sold with a partner handheld device.

After that, I’m considering  the report on another brand, Hansgrohe Raindance; it claims to have the feel of a much more powerful flow due to air technology.

That is a feature that moves this choice to the forefront.

Now…. I just have to make my final choice and Handyman can install it for me.


Do you have preferences/ experience with this type of fixture?