Handyman -too busy to write

As you can see from the projects list on the sidebar, Handyman has been busy with some really big projects – and some not on the list.

He wallpapered the den area with the seagrass look paper I picked out (from Lowes). He can describe the process for you- it was the first time we repapered over the existing wallpaper. (we being a rather loose term here…)

He knocked out painting the front porch floor. We had nice dry,warm weather- perfect for painting and for the other big job: waxing the front room’s hardwood floor. All the furniture gets moved out, and the drapes taken down. Renting a buffer, applying paste wax, buffing, letting each of three coats dry between buffing creates a job that lasts over the entire weekend.

Then we move everything back in, after washing the woodwork and the windows.

We rewarded all that hard work with a trip to Southern Ohio Hocking Hills to hike (evil laughter)… although the Handyman held up well as he is made of iron. I, on the other hand, can hardly walk and now am just starting to get back to normal.

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