Old Memories

My Grandmother was an accomplished weaver. Her brother had built her a loom that I remember looking much like this one, a large floor loom. The accompanying post telling of the necessity of storing it reminded me of the fate of my grandmother’s loom. Stored in my uncles barn, it was lost in the fire that consumed the barn.

I still have a rug that my grandmother wove on that contraption, both beautiful and ungainly at the same time. I think of diligence, domesticity, and losses… simultaneously.

won’t have a place for this beautiful thing soon, so it’ll be packed away somewhere – hopefully safe. this loom is over a century old

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Wives and other assets

Proverbs 18:22
He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD.

Hey, I am just trying to be helpful…like any good “helpmeet” would:)

The back screened door works nicely and I am glad to keep the cats off the back porch… cat hair on the cushions is annoying. It has helped alot to have the tilling done in time for me to plant those broccoli plants before the rains. I realize we had to move the mailbox, but it actually looks better in it’s new place. So, all in all, I am happy with the beginning of momentum in knocking out those pesky maintenance jobs (finally).

I hope to take a few pictures of our kitchen to post here and to resume talking about what we both consider to be the highlight of our remodeling career here in the do-it- yourself house. I am still getting satisfaction from having such a nice kitchen. I think my happiness meter has been in the positive for more than seven years on that one.

Now, I am solacing (comforting, rewarding)

Is “refreshing” yourself the word you were looking for?

Springtime Projects

Being the main gardener about these parts, springtime has me focused on garden chores and plans ( for myself!), but it always seems there are many unfinished tasks to remind the Handyman about. He gets distracted. So here is the sample conversation we recently had:

ME: Don’t you think 25 years is a fairly long time to wait for something?
Handyman: Yes, I do.
ME: Well, you know the outlets in the living room have been needing replacement for about that long, think you could do that this week?
Handyman: I think it was about 22 years. It’s a pretty easy job- I just need reminding.
ME: I’m reminding you about it right now, what will you need to get the job done?
Handyman: A quick trip to the hardware and getting better quality outlets this time should do it.
ME: That would be great- you know it is really annoying when the vacuum won’t stay plugged in and the light plugs fall out, etc.
Handyman: I know, I just don’t think about it very often.

Segue to the following week: the outlets purchased, but not yet fixed. In the meantime, though, we have decided on something that puts out reminders for pesky jobs without having a pesky wife do all the reminding work:

by the basement we now have a board on which I have stuck post-it notes enumerating said pesky jobs. Handyman knows where to look if he feels like accomplishing something small, but necessary. And there are always small, but necessary jobs around an old house.

I think this is a good solution for the merry-go-round of trying to coordinate job requests and time to work on them without the sometimes irritated feelings that can go with a d-i-yourself lifestyle.