A Word On Brands

Like most D-I-Y’s, Handyman and I are frugal and like to save money. Sometimes we have been penny wise and pound foolish. Anyone else been there? Over the years I believe we have learned through trial and error that brand name really counts in appliance purchases. We weren’t just bragging when saying we bought a Bosch dishwasher. We learned the hard way to keep up with changes in brand names and what makes a good deal. I am very happy with Bosch brand in both the dishwasher and the washer/dryer set we purchased some years back. These appliances work well, they are quiet (an important asset over time, though not immediately considered usually), and in this day and age: energy efficient.

Handy man notes the fact that this energy consciousness means the dishes do not dry as fully as the replaced ‘Kitchen Aid’, but for me that is a non-issue.

So when we mention a brand name here it is not to sell you a bill of goods, it is to serve as a fellow consumer giving a consumer report. That is what I most appreciate when we have to go looking for big ticket items… some context on what makes that a good buy for us. When we looked for a new refrigerator the choices were confusing. New Brands, New Features, everything was unfamiliar. We spent so much time running from store to store (our usual modus operandi). I always researched consumer report reviews, etc, and used to keep up with remodeling advertising in the magazines, but that wasn’t always the information I needed. I don’t need to know what new stylings are in the latest showcase houses… I need to know what is best for the long term in this middle class life I lead.

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