Battery operated drills

Just thought I would put in my two cents worth on battery operated drills:

1. My old faithful is a DeWalt 18v 1/2″ Hammer drill. I purchased this about 10 years ago (maybe more). Aside from routine periodic replacement of batteries, it has served me very well. I use it mostly in my business and it has simplified my work. No dragging cords around or looking for an outlet, etc. It can do an incredible amount of drilling, including hammering (with power to spare) on one battery. I usually buy new batteries (it seems about every 3 years) at Lowes. They periodically have a sale where you get 2 for $99. I think Home Depot has the same sales. After all these years I finally had to take it in to a DeWalt service center for a complete overhaul/rebuild. This is done for $99 max. Considering a new equal drill runs $275+, it is worth it.

2. While at Home Depot one day (about 2 years ago) they were having a special on 14.4v Milwaukee drills. This included 2 batteries, an 14.4v flashlight, the drill, and the case all for $99 (about 1/2 price). I couldn’t resist. This is a professional drill, and although it doesn’t have the hammer option or the power that my 18v DeWalt does, it does a great job on routine drilling/driving. It is lighweight and easy to use. I use it alot on home projects (deck building, drywall hanging, etc).

3. Another time at Home Depot (about a year ago) they were having a special on Ridgid 18v 1/2″ Hammer drill which also included a 18v reciprocating saw!!! It was only $139 (about 1/2 price). Although it came in a canvas bag rather than a hard case, I couldn’t resist the price. This drill came in real handy when my DeWalt broke down last week (which is why it is in the service center right now). I am now in a quandary as to which drill is the best: the DeWalt or the Ridgid. I am leaning toward the Ridgid. I was really happy to get the 18v reciprocating saw. I have an electric Milwaukee, but there are alot of times when I could (now & in the past) use a battery op saw. Now I have it!!! I used it the other day to trim/level off the tops of the fence posts so I could cap them.

I might mention that I use these tools alot (including professionally) and am very pleased with all of them. They have served me very well.

I might also mention that I rarely ever have need to use an electric drill anymore. Like maybe 2 years ago.

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