Bosch Dishwasher – Further comments

Well, as I mentioned in my earlier post…I have a few comments about our new Bosch dishwasher.

Things I like:

1. It is more energy efficient than my previous Kitchen Aid.
2. It is extremely quiet.
3. It gets the dishes sparkling clean.
4. You don’t have to worry about plastic melting if placed on bottom rack.
5. The upper rack is adjustable to two levels to accommodate taller items.
6. Both the upper & lower racks have adjustable prongs which is nice for handling odd size items.
7. Full stainless steel interior tub (including door). Door exterior is black.

Things I am still getting used to:

1. It seems to take longer to run a complete cycle (135 minutes). It has a
countdown timer. This doesn’t really matter, since we generally only run one
(sometimes two) loads/day.
2. It does not get the dishes as dry as my Kitchen Aid did. You can increase the drying time (which I did), but they still are not fully dry. It is probably the reason that plastic doesn’t melt on bottom rack…it has a lower drying temp. Since we do not (generally) immediately remove the clean dishes, they do tend to fully dry from air/evaporation.
3. It does not seem to hold as many dishes as the Kitchen Aid.
4. It does not have a built in disposer. It does have a filter/trap which they
recommend emptying once a month (or as needed).

In conclusion (to date):

I am happy with this dishwasher. It is quiet and does a very good job of getting the dishes sparkling clean. As I mentioned before, I will never buy a Kitchen Aid dishwasher again because of what I consider a manufacturing defect and the subsequent “brush-off” that their customer service gave me.