Get Joe Writing Again

Actually we are talking about Handyman, here, but he referred to himself as Joe, and so Joe it is. Joe Everyman.

We need to encourage him to write again. We got all caught up with the fall round up of general chores and a few remodeling jobs that were a little more work than initially expected. Just the Mushroom Factor in action. The Handyman is a very talented guy; he doesn’t always think so, but he is. And we have to keep reminding him about that, which I find a little annoying, but that is likely the way many of us are in our own way. Unsure of our value and abilities.

Anyway, we have gotten him hooked into facebook,and doing the occasional blogging. He likes it, but it is still very foreign territory.

Here is the stuff if you want some:

I don’t get any benefit, but just wanted you to know about this- I do get credit for other stuff you order through my associate link, tho:)

Today he put up the front door storm window, and I hung the wreath that I bought @ Sam’s Club last week. The poinsettia is in the window, the house is slowly getting clean and the kids are actually in the mood to help out because we are all feeling CHRISTMAS!

The atmosphere here is just wonderful 🙂 …for the most part.

And I have been burning the Body Shop fragrance oils, which just smell lovely. I’m saving my favorites for later in the season, but this week I’ve been using the Ripe Fig Fragrance. Yum!

Handyman -too busy to write

As you can see from the projects list on the sidebar, Handyman has been busy with some really big projects – and some not on the list.

He wallpapered the den area with the seagrass look paper I picked out (from Lowes). He can describe the process for you- it was the first time we repapered over the existing wallpaper. (we being a rather loose term here…)

He knocked out painting the front porch floor. We had nice dry,warm weather- perfect for painting and for the other big job: waxing the front room’s hardwood floor. All the furniture gets moved out, and the drapes taken down. Renting a buffer, applying paste wax, buffing, letting each of three coats dry between buffing creates a job that lasts over the entire weekend.

Then we move everything back in, after washing the woodwork and the windows.

We rewarded all that hard work with a trip to Southern Ohio Hocking Hills to hike (evil laughter)… although the Handyman held up well as he is made of iron. I, on the other hand, can hardly walk and now am just starting to get back to normal.

Little By Little the House Is Built

It is the little things, like Folksy Lady says, that add up. Handyman might not feel much is accomplished, but he has made so much progress on this place in the past few years that it really is amazing. And so much nicer for us all.

We stopped at Lowes after our Labor Day hike and then went to PeiWei for some Chinese deliciousness. At Lowes more paint was purchased for my son to finish repainting his room. His sister is helping him, and so we are passing on the D-I-Yourself genes.

I picked up a few samples of wallpaper… since it looks like I will get my new grasscloth look in the “den” this fall. We are going to reshuffle some of the rooms, the way we live now doesn’t fit the way we use our living space… so it is time to think “out of the box”. I fell in love with South Carolina beach houses…any beach houses, actually… and it influences the look I want to live with- which explains my desire to put a grasscloth texture on the walls.

Fall is always a very busy time. We have to finish up projects, and clean the wood floors and get things put away for the winter duration. We are on target this year, since my Handyman had the foresight to order the firewood early, and has kept pace with the maintenance jobs.

I, on the other hand, have lagged. My organization is nil… I take two steps forward and five back, it seems. I keep trying…in my mind. I still haven’t gotten th epictures up -either here or over @ Ilona’s Garden Journal. I have them and eventually they should get posted and published. Eventually.