New Kitchen – continued

Before I continue I would like to say that if I had realized all the work that I was going to be getting myself into, I would have somehow talked myself out of this project using whatever excuses I could think up: “it is way beyond my capability & ability”, “it will cost too much”, etc, etc… There were alot of things that came up unexpectedly (known as mushroom factors: where you encounter an unexpected problem that you must deal with, and in dealing with that one, another 5 crop up).

But what I have discovered is that when you rise to the challenge, you will be amazed at what you can do. Sometimes, of course, it is a choice; other times it is a necessity. In our case we often had to go back to the “drawing board” to re-figure “custom” solutions to the “custom” problems.

So: I am very happy that I didn’t give up. And 7 years later I still am delighted with the results and still amazed that I could possiblyhave built something so beautiful. So: don’t underestimate yourself!

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