I Got Mine

Vacation, that is. I just can’t keep functioning without at least a week away once a year- this year I had two weeks, and now am back. The Handyman has been busy. He re-grouted the main bathroom and then caulked it. Looks good, nice and clean with pure white grout. The old back door– well, it is still in disrepair, but that isn’t because of not trying! I listened to the proposed plan to solve the problem; all I can say is that I hope it works.

De-cluttering has moved to the top priority, but cluttering ways are hard to change. I did realize that I have lots of old clothes that I can haul out… so that is where to start. For the first time I am of the attitude that I do this from the base of my own desire to be more efficient and free from the burden of the “stuff”, rather than because my husband, children, or someone out there somewhere doesn’t like it. I think that comes from finally being convinced that cluttered stuff is devaluing my life, not giving value. Who cares if you have it, if you can’t find it?

I hate to say it but I do have secret longings to repaper the walls in the family room. I want to have a seagrass texture. The old country print vinyl in there is dated and I don’t like it. Surprisingly I still like the first choice, a little worn, of the dark red miniprint in the living room. Even after all these years. It was a Waverly Red Lion Inn wallpaper. I suppose I will have to replace it sometime in my lifetime, but now I am focused on a texture for the adjoining room. Shhhh, Handyman hasn’t been told how much I want this, yet.

Maybe if I am very good at the decluttering this summer I can submit my proposal;)

Making Work Stations

The Handyman is serious, totally serious, about getting a handle on life. This includes organization around here, and I am on board with him 100%. We are tired of misplacing tools and looking for hours when ready to start the job now. We are tired of wasted money on multiples because we can’t find something. We are tired of frustration in trying to find things. And the last straw came when I was mowing with the tractor and Whomp! Loud sound and dead tractor. Turns out someone last season left a shovel…a shovel mind you… in some overgrown grass. And yep, I mowed over it. We went to the Hardware store for some tool hangers that evening.

Furthermore, Handyman has set up his work station in the garage. My father had made his own intricately organized workbench- I remember it from when I was a little girl- and we inherited it. It is now ensconced in the garage with a large pegboard area. There is room to saw and do all the odd jobs that Handymen do; very impressive. He will work more pleasurably knowing where things are, and it makes it better for us to know where to put things – no more shovels in the grass, or in this case, hammers under the couch or whatever ( ok, I’m now exaggerating). HOPEFULLY.

I have the tool hangers and my favorite garden tools hung on the tool rack and there is a piece of pegboard waiting for me- it will go up between the toolracks and hold my handtools etc. I can’t tell you how often my slave garden helpers leave my tools all over the place. At least now there is no excuse.

Since we painted that dining room, I am now in the process of setting up everything in more organized manner for the fine dining and hospitality I hope to work into this year. We have had things so wrecked with all the remodeling work we fell out of the habit of having people over. No More Excuses. And much more organization. Yay us!

I am hopeful…very hopeful that we will keep true to our resolve; and with proper work stations in place, and a place for everything, we will accomplish the uncluttered lifestyle with time to enjoy our life plans that we have.

Getting back to that workbench. I wish you could see how nifty it is… oh yes, cameras. I’ll try to take a picture or two and post it.

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Random thoughts

One of the problems I find in being a DIY, is getting motivated to get started on a new project. Sometimes there are so many different projects I could get started on, that I don’t get started on any for awhile. And with each project there are multiple solutions or ways of doing it. IOW each project is a custom job for me, and being somewhat of a perfectionist I waste alot of time thinking about the “best” way to do it. Also, I find it easy to second guess myself at various stages during a given project asking myself “what if I had done it this way, what if…”

Another hindrance is that I find it easy to get distracted by other pressing needs or starting on additional projects which can often lead to none of them being completed: that last piece of trimwork, that last receptacle cover, installing that weatherstripping, etc. So, in my case anyway, the best way to accomplish a task is to focus only on it and “get-r-done”! But being the multi-tasker/juggler that I am…

Another struggle is when you are motivated and all set to do something BUT… in order to do it YOU first have to do some other stuff first (that you really aren’t motivated to do). An example of this is that I want to set up my new work shop in my newly remodeled garage. I am excited about this, but before I can do this I have to prime/paint the interior block wall and I am not excited about that. It is winter here in Ohio, my garage is unheated, and therefore I can’t paint it until it warms up (unless I temporarily heat this area during the painting, which is a possibility). It is these complicating factors that can annoy, and consequently postpone getting-r-done.

Then there are those jobs that have to be done but you don’t want to do like doing your taxes in order to file your tax return. I just heard that the 9th circus court of appeals out in California overruled the IRS in favor of a couple that claimed the tax laws/codes were too complicated for anyone to understand. The court agreed and the IRS had to take the loss. (The IRS had claimed the couple owed $31K in back taxes). The IRS asked that the case not be publicized – but it was! Wouldn’t it be nice if the productive segment of society could just live their lives without having to support the bloodsucking non-productive leeches that write the unintelligible maze of rules and regulations that you have to comply with.