Resuming Power Resuming Work

Most everyone has heard about Ohio’s “Hurricane” experience by now. We just got our power back on a day ago, and are scrambling to bring everything back in order. We are among the fortunate: there are still thousands struggling without their electricity. Like us, some are without running water since they have wells that need pumps working for their water supply. It impacts everything you do.

My proffered projects take a back seat now… although i had purchased the wallpaper for the den. Wallpaper is expensive! I no longer know of discount wallpaper outlets, so we ended up getting my choice at Lowes. Luckily, they had a decent looking grasscloth texture. I decided against real grasscloth because of the difficulty in cleanup. I don’t want something that the grandkids can accidentally mess up irremediably. Vinyl looks like new after a Simple Green swipe of marks and “art” on the walls.

My Handyman put up curtain rods and I am washing curtains right now ( oh the bliss of the home laundry!). Actually, everything that runs on electric and utilizes running water evokes exclamations of bliss right now. Even an old home remodeling veteren like me doesn’t go without both electric and water at the same time… although projects sometimes involved one or the other for short periods.

Once things settle down, I believe Handyman can write about the lessons he has learned about emergency preparedness. He devoted a lot of hours trying to get us functioning around here.

Some more tasks completed…

Well, this week I have accomplished the following:

1. Got the old chain saw out and pruned some tree branches.
2. Re-tilled one garden and helped wife create raised beds for veggies. (This is hard work!!!)
3. Kids & I removed sod and some dirt from an area we are planning to put pavers on in the previously mentioned private hot tub/garden area. (This is also hard work!!!)
4. Got window screens out of basement, washed them and put them back in the appropriate windows (first floor). Still have 2nd floor to do.

Reason for posting this is for my own record. It is easy to forget how hard you have worked and how much you have accomplished. This provides a written record. Also provides documentation for the self-professed slave driver.

Another Gate completed

I just finished building the 2nd of the 3 gates for the private/secluded hot tub area. Since this gate opening was approximately 48″ wide, I built a double in-swinging gate. I previously had built the south (more of a back entrance) gate. The double gate is on the north side and is one of two main entrances. I may design/build some type of arbor for this entrance. The east entrance is arbored and enters from the driveway.

Next comes leveling off the tops of the fence posts and capping them with decorative caps. Will get this done this week.