Get Joe Writing Again

Actually we are talking about Handyman, here, but he referred to himself as Joe, and so Joe it is. Joe Everyman.

We need to encourage him to write again. We got all caught up with the fall round up of general chores and a few remodeling jobs that were a little more work than initially expected. Just the Mushroom Factor in action. The Handyman is a very talented guy; he doesn’t always think so, but he is. And we have to keep reminding him about that, which I find a little annoying, but that is likely the way many of us are in our own way. Unsure of our value and abilities.

Anyway, we have gotten him hooked into facebook,and doing the occasional blogging. He likes it, but it is still very foreign territory.

Here is the stuff if you want some:

I don’t get any benefit, but just wanted you to know about this- I do get credit for other stuff you order through my associate link, tho:)

Today he put up the front door storm window, and I hung the wreath that I bought @ Sam’s Club last week. The poinsettia is in the window, the house is slowly getting clean and the kids are actually in the mood to help out because we are all feeling CHRISTMAS!

The atmosphere here is just wonderful 🙂 …for the most part.

And I have been burning the Body Shop fragrance oils, which just smell lovely. I’m saving my favorites for later in the season, but this week I’ve been using the Ripe Fig Fragrance. Yum!

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