Have We Done Very Much?

Sometimes this question is the adult rendition of “Are we there, yet?”

Last time I wrote anything I (rather hopefully) said that the trimwork in the office was being done. That project remains unfinished, but I remain hopeful that it is bumped up into the early springtime. In the sidebar are several other projects that remain from 2009.

We had gale force winds in latter 2009 which blew out several panels from my new greenhouse. That meant a delay in being able to use it, but the panels have been ordered and I hope they are in place for the February 2010 garden preparations. You can see that 2009 demanded patience and delayed gratification.

It also began the organizing de-cluttering efforts that are the main source of renovation for 2010. We moved some things around to prepare for better use of the house. I reorganized and cleaned the kitchen this January so far. Sometimes this sort of maintenance is worth more than remodeling.

I still would like a new front porch and one room remains in need of remodeling, but I would really like to stop working on the house. My aim is to wind up the remodeling work.

Future posts will cover those projects and recount what we have already accomplished. Tales of the good, the bad, and the ugly; the forsaken, and the delightful, will be thrown in there somewhere, too.

The only thing on my purchase list right now is a bookcase. Or perhaps see if Handyman wants to build something in.

…see how those projects sneak up on you?

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