New Kitchen – cabinets, countertop

Now that all the major, structural stuff was complete:

  • New floor down to and including the joists
  • New ceiling including new rafters
  • New interior walls and exterior siding including studs, etc.
  • All new plumbing & electrical

We were now ready for the cabinet maker to deliver and install the new cabinets. This is the one part of the job that I did not do. We had Yoder Cabinet Company make custom built solid wood (Hickory) cabinets. Our kitchen is roughly 9’x20′ and we designed it so that we would have a “J” shaped kitchen where we had 20′ of cabinets along the long wall, 9′ along the short wall, and the 6′ peninsula. The peninsula separated the dining room from the kitchen and provided barstool seating for 3-4 people. I also installed the new sink and new dishwasher and hooked up the plumbing.

For the countertop we chose laminate, which the cabinet maker also installed. Although it has held up just fine and there are no problems with it, I wish I had spent the extra $1k and gone with Corian. For the backsplash, I installed decorative ceramic tile which looks great. I also installed beautiful tile on the wall behind the stovetop and on the peninsula/counter. My wife chose all the tiles (floor, wall, countertop, etc, and they look great!). (Remember: I am just the handyman). Thankfully, she did the wall painting which required special effects (which are beyond my ability!). I did the priming, but the painting required an artist (my wife)to deal with the 3 stage finish painting/glazing, etc. I don’t know what it is called: but it looks fantastic.

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  1. Why thank you for saying that 🙂 I did work hard on it, and even though I tend to get tired of “painting effects” this was one that I remain happy with. I think I like the subtle effect of it. There was glazing, rag rolling and spattering all involved, and I think I used two colors of sage green and one of the off-white glaze with a darkened and grayed color for the splatters and ..oh yes, marbling. I did a little marble effect, too. I think because I like to paint until I get the effect I like, added to the need to get the walls all alike it requires doing the job in close proximity of time. No waiting after doing one wall.. or you might lose the feeling!

    This is probably why it is years between my spurts of inspiration…..

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