Old Memories

My Grandmother was an accomplished weaver. Her brother had built her a loom that I remember looking much like this one, a large floor loom. The accompanying post telling of the necessity of storing it reminded me of the fate of my grandmother’s loom. Stored in my uncles barn, it was lost in the fire that consumed the barn.

I still have a rug that my grandmother wove on that contraption, both beautiful and ungainly at the same time. I think of diligence, domesticity, and losses… simultaneously.

won’t have a place for this beautiful thing soon, so it’ll be packed away somewhere – hopefully safe. this loom is over a century old

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3 Replies to “Old Memories”

  1. It is amazing that someone could figure out how to make such a large contraption that makes it possible to weave! I wonder how your grandmother’s brother accomplished such a feat!

    Thank you for your kind comment on my Strawberry Fields blog. Most of my available time is taken up by my main blog, I hardly get to play elsewhere. đŸ˜‰

  2. WOW – you are so lucky to own a piece of history like that loom. I took a few semesters in collage where we learned to weave. ( fine arts major)

    Thank you for sharing this photo. You should blog some of your Grandmothers work if you have any.

    Warm Wishes from my FROZEN garden!

  3. The floor loom on the picture was big but beautiful even though it is already over a hundred years old. It looks like it was really taken care of.

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