Our New Bosch Dishwasher

First, the background:

I purchased and installed a Kitchen Aid dishwasher in my remodeled kitchen in 2001. This was (supposedly) a quality dishwasher with a stainless steel interior tub. My problems began about 4 years later when the catch for the dish detergent compartment door had deteriorated to the point where it no longer existed. This looks like a little $.25 item that could not stand up to the rigors of a dishwasher. Consequently, you could no longer put the detergent in the dishwasher detergent dispenser compartment. I called Kitchen Aid to complain, and they essentially said “screw you, customer”. I was left with choice of calling service tech for about $250, putting up with it, or buying new dishwasher. My response to this poor customer service for what I consider a manufacturers defect (in designing a catch that couldn’t handle the job), was that I would never buy a Kitchen Aid dishwasher again.

My temporary solution was to start using the 3 in 1 Electrasol Powerball capsules, and drop them directly in dishwasher. This was ok, except for it causing etching of glassware and less than desirable dish cleaning. Anyway, I put up with this annoyance/inconvenience for another 4 years.

Then…after some research…I determined that Bosch has a good reputation, so I decided to get a Bosch dishwasher. I went to Lowes and purchased a Bosch Model SHE45M dishwasher with stainless steel interior. I asked the sales guy for 10% off and got it. Also, asked them to match Home Depot 6 months same as cash and got it. I think I could have even gotten 12 months same as cash if I had asked.

Anyway, bought it, took it home, and installed it (same day). Had to make a couple modifications. In order to run the supply/drain hoses thru the cabinet I had to drill a couple new holes (lower & further to the rear). Other than that, installation was easy.

My opinion so far: Happy, but too early to tell. I was used to the racks on the Kitchen Aid. Bosch is different…and I will have to get used to the difference. Kitchen Aid “customer service” was the deciding factor in going with a different manufacturer. I consider this little $.25 item to me a mfgrs design flaw, and they should have owned up to it.

I will post further comments as I get used to the new dishwasher…

4 Replies to “Our New Bosch Dishwasher”

  1. I love how manufacturers advertise Stainless steel dishwashers…..in some cases the only stainless steel is the outer face for show! I’ve heard good things about the Bosch dishwashers. We’ve also had great luck with two different Kenmore Elite dishwashers in our first home and now our new house.

  2. Both my Kitchen Aid & my new Bosch dishwashers have full stainless steel interior tubs. Because of some of the deceptive advertising by some mfgrs, you should always open the door and look inside to make sure.

  3. I had Bosch appliances 30 years ago when I lived in England. They were wonderful then; hope they still are! When I redid my kitchen 18 years ago, I took out the dishwasher and haven’t missed it at all.

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