Raising the Bar in the Garden, Raised Beds

crafty hands make handy crafts!
crafty hands make handy crafts!

Handyman has been repurposing. repurposing is close to my heart because it fulfills all those frugal plans that I coddle in my dream plans of being the most virtuous wife, ever. I know that isn’t on the list of people around me, but it does sometimes translate into saving money. For things that they would rather have, if given a choice between …oh I don’t know, raised beds for my garden veggies or new spring clothes (for some) or new tool gadget from Home Depot or Sears (for others). See? Repurposing is good.

Handyman made me a raised veggie bed from old barn boards that were just scrap from the pig barn that the former owner had torn down (halfway). We kept the boards in the regular barn which is on its own road to ruin, now. It is time to make use of these things or forever throw them out.

First, though, I had requisitioned the initial boards that were cut for the garden frames for a nifty idea I found while blogging. A organizational shelf area of boards and concrete blocks to store extra pots and buckets. Cheap, easy, and it helps with the outdoor clutter that was accumulating around my new greenhouse.

I can hardly believe what a difference the survival blogs have made for me. Handyman is addicted to them, and their convincing arguments for the value of growing your own food have translated into the garden projects that 15-20 years ago I so coveted.

This is the power of being on the same page.

Important marriage advice for everyone in every area:  “Get on the same page and life won’t feel like such hard work.”

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