Yes, that #@!#% annoying back porch deck screen door

After numerous attempts to repair the previously mentioned screen door, including replacing it a couple times in the 4-5 years since I screened in the porch, I am going to try a new approach. The main problem has been that the door binds inside its framework in sync with the weather changes (hot/cold, rain, etc). Mainly, being a wood screen door, it swells with moisture/humidity, as does the wood framework. This has resulted in the door being “beyond repairable”.

My solution: I am going to frame out (add trimwork) to the existing 4×4 posts, moving the door out and hinging to the new trimwork. Then I will place trimwork around the remaining perimeter of the door, leaving enough space between the door and new trimwork to allow for maximum swelling. IOW, instead of making the door try to fit inside the existing opening/jamb, I am going to make a new opening slightly larger to accomodate the door. Don’t know if this is the “best” solution, but it is going to work for me, ending the current frustration. I will have to buy a new screendoor, however, as the existing one has been stressed beyond repair.

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